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Lindsay Christinee

About The Author

Lindsay Christinee grew up in Pennsylvania enamored with historical biographies. To this day, she can still recite Nefertiti's full name (Neferneferuaten Nefertiti) and run through a list of England's queens. After reading about fashion greats Edith Head and Diana Veerland, her love of history parlayed into a fashion career in New York City showrooms. But, it wasn't until moving to Bangkok that she began her writing career as a ghostwriter for the city's English newspapers. In 2014, Lindsay moved back to the U.S., settling into Philadelphia's historic district and revitalizing her career to align with her environmental activism endeavors. Her words have been published in the Sierra Club Newsletter, ReMake, and Reader's Digest. She has spoken about sustainability and climate justice for podcasts and at schools in the Tri-State area. In 2020 she founded The Wellness Feed, a sustainable lifestyle website empowering its readers with conscious choices they can make to help mitigate climate change. Myths of the Underworld is her debut book.

Books by Lindsay Christinee