Leticia Sala

About The Author

Leticia Sala was born in Barcelona in 1989 and graduated with a degree in Law in 2012. She began publishing her writing in her Instagram account and a few months afterward received an offer from a publisher to bring out her first book, Scrolling after Sex, a compilation of stories and poems, drawings and photographs. Since that time she has been a full-time writer.
Leticia has been a regular contributor to Vogue Spain, writing poems on request as well as think pieces. Her poems have also appeared in Vogue Italy and Vogue International. She has written scripts and voice overs for videos for brands such as Nike, Dropbox, and Gucci. She has also written songs for internationally renowned Spanish singers, such as Rosalía and Aitana. Last year she was selected for Mango’s international campaign as one of six game-changing women who have reinvented their roles. She has a close relationship with Belletrist, the book community co-founded by Emma Roberts, in which she was recently featured.

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