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Khamtane Signavong

About The Author

Khamtame Signavong grew up in Isan in northeastern Thailand, learning to cook from his grandfather and family who ran a store and bar serving snacks and meals. He moved to Sydney, Australia when he was 15, where he continued to cook. Kham now owns and runs the award-winning Arun Thai Restaurant and Crying Tiger Bar in Sydney. New Zealand-born photographer Ken Martin has worked all over the world, living in London, Amsterdam, Auckland, and Sydney. Equally at home in the advertising and editorial fields, his passion is for location work and photographing places, hotels and houses, restaurants, food, and wine… as well as black and white portraits of jazz musicians. Married to writer Alison Plummer, the couple often travel together to exciting locations to gather material for magazines, newspapers, books, and films. Alison Plummer is a Devon-born journalist, editor, and columnist. She specializes in travel, food, wine, and lifestyle writing and does some photography of her own for a wide range of publications.

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