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Keyo Trabini

About The Author

Keyo Trabini was born in 1978 in Málaga, Spain, and spent part of his childhood in London, England and Cardiff, Wales. He studied Economics at the University of Málaga and worked as an accountant for more than ten years. 

Years later, for personal and work-related reasons, he fell victim to depression. After about two years of treatment, he was recommended to try the psychedelic DMT to achieve a different perspective. At that time, Trabini was first introduced to the work of Dr. Rick Strassman and his book, DMT: The Spirit Molecule.

Fascinated by this new world and after a miraculous recovery of his health, Keyo focused on the study and divulgation of the psychedelic DMT, writing and translating articles on neuroscience, philosophy and theology, until finally writing his first book, DMT: De tu Mente al Todo, in 2019. From that moment on, Keyo's divulgation activity increased enormously, giving talks in bookshops, private centres, music festivals and other events related to psychedelics. In 2022 the English version of the book was released under the name How DMT Changed My Life, now available on Amazon.

Keyo is currently studying pharmacy in the city of Granada and is specializing in the master formulation of medicines. He is also preparing his second book on the same subject, entitled DMT: De Vuelta a Casa (DMT: Back Home).

Books by Keyo Trabini