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Kara Joseph

About The Author

Kara Joseph is a certified sommelier and a writer with an incurable case of wine wanderlust. She has traveled to famous vineyards around the globe, tasting with copious winemakers. Her young career has already included teaching a myriad of wine classes, which bring her immense joy. She believes wine is the ultimate connector and is determined to spend her days listening to and sharing what it has to say. Her pursuit to understand wine more deeply took her down an unconventional path early in life. Whether it was her move to Napa Valley after graduating from the University of Florida, her solo trip to Europe, or her unrelenting desire to conquer NYC's wine scene, Kara has discovered that by immersing herself into the diverse world of wine, the adventures can be endless. Kara's unique experiences have molded her into an unexpected storyteller. Wine has taught her its secrets and instilled in her the power to teach. More importantly, people have inspired her to share everything that she has learned along the way. With her first book, If Wine Could Talk, she aims to pass on to you a bit of the magic that wine has given her.

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