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Kamal (ed.) Boullata

About The Author

Kamal Boullata is a visual artist, writer and editor living in France. Poetry books he edited include Women of the Fertile Crescent: An Anthology of Modern Poetry by Arab Women and Stranger in a Distant City: Poems by MahmuInd Darwish. He also co-edited with Mirène Ghossein The World of Rashid Hussein: A Palestinian Poet in Exile and If Only the Sea Could Sleep: Love Poems by Adonis. He is the author of Faithful Witnesses: Palestinian Children Recreate their World and Recovery of Place: A Study of Contemporary Palestinian Art (in Arabic). Kathy Engel is a poet, teacher, producer and consultant for social justice and peace organizations. Her first book of poems Banish The Tentative, was published in1989. Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies and publications. She is the founder of MADRE, an international women's human rights organization, the former President and co-founder of Riptide Communications, co-founder of East End Women in Black and KickAss Artists. Her new book of poems and personal prose, Ruth's Skirts is forthcoming from IKON. She traveled to Palestine in 1990.

Books by Kamal (ed.) Boullata