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Joseph Pierce Farrell

Photograph by Christian Nicolas

About The Author

Joseph “JP” Pierce Farrell, MDiv, DTh, FAACSS, is an award-winning pioneer in healthcare, research scientist, professor, and bestselling author. Dr. JP Farrell is recognized internationally for his reputation to consistently deliver Rapid Healing, Rapid Rehabilitation, and Rapid Non-Surgical Aesthetic health benefits. Dr. JP Farrell’s international clientele have included Fortune 50 CEOs, Chairmen of major pharmaceutical corporations, an Ambassador to the United States, royalty, physicians and their family members, movie and televisions stars, supermodels, professional athletes, and pro-bono work for first responders, and the burned and disfigured. Dr. JP Farrell has been published in multiple journals and periodicals, and is the internationally bestselling author of Manifesting Michelangelo, the memoir of his journey, training, and realization of the capacity to deliver Rapid Healings and Rapid Non-Invasive Aesthetic Improvement solely through a non-invasive Mind-Body-Spirit approach.


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