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Jill Bausch

About The Author

Jill Bausch began her career in senior roles marketing luxury hotels. In 1995, Bausch walked away from her comfortable role to bring more fulfilment to her life. She became CEO of Futures Group Europe, working in behaviour change and sexual health while the HIV/AIDS epidemic ravaged Asia and Africa. Bausch spoke globally about HIV/AIDS prevention strategies, while bringing up a family in the UK.  Bausch now continues to coach high-performing executives worldwide for UN agencies like the World Health Organisation and other global entities such as LVMH, The Green Climate Fund,  The Center for Reproductive Rights and The World Bank. Today, Jill Bausch continues to achieve maximum social change and serves as the head of International Search & Leadership for SRI Executive, runs her own coaching company VivePoint Ltd. and because she clearly has too much time on her hands,  she is also the Social Impact Advisor to London Business school and a Mentor for the Prince’s Trust.  She splits her time between London, UK for the weather and Portugal for the business opportunities, oh wait… might this this be the other way around?  


Books by Jill Bausch