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Jessica Yuppa Huddy

About The Author

Jessica Yuppa Huddy is an M.S. of Applied Psychology, Cognition Builders’ Director of Curriculum, Assistant Clinical Director, and Chief Family Architect. Jessica is the lead strategist in the development and customization of new curricula and education-based programs for Cognition Builders. In her work as Chief Family Architect, Jessica provides clients with language and behavior substitution; fixing the family dynamics as they unfold in real-time. Jessica plays a collaborative role in coordinating the efforts of her clients’ psychiatrists and psychologists; to inform and integrate their efforts. Based in New York City, Jessica has lead cases everywhere from Hawaii, to the UK, to Australia. Ironically, she also has ADHD. In her free time, you’ll find Jessica writing and reading poetry, singing, strumming a guitar and hiking in the Catskills with her husband (if the temperature outside is 75 degrees or warmer).*

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