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Jan Janura

About The Author

Jan Janura is a serial entrepreneur, out-of-the-box innovator, and, according to Gallup’s StrengthsFinder test, a futurologist. His insight has helped him establish prosperous businesses across a diverse range of markets. A highly driven business leader, Jan’s entrepreneurial career took off in 1977 after receiving a phone call from his friend and now-wife Carol Anderson. Carol had plans to walk away from her job in design—but wanted to stay in the industry—and Jan felt a calling to pioneer a new business venture, so together they forged a partnership.

With Carol’s vision for fashion and Jan’s business insight, Carol Anderson by Invitation (cabi) was created. It became the solution to traditional shopping. Twenty-five years after its inception, cabi became the largest women’s fashion retailer not limited to a physical storefront. In less than ten years, cabi was a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

In 1982, Jan combined hobby and passion when he started The Wild Adventure. Multiple times each summer, Jan hosts a group of men at his Smiling Moose Ranch in Montana for a one-week excursion. He leads them in open discussion about life’s big questions, and they relish in the scenic views surrounding his ranch and spend the majority of their time fly fishing on the Madison River.

When he is not busy developing a new business venture, Jan is occupied with his other hobbies. You can find him in his backyard fly fishing on the Madison River, on the golf course, or reading a book.

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