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Irwin Gross

About The Author

Dr. Irwin Gross, M.D. FCAP, is former Chief of Pathology at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor Maine, U.S.A. Dr. Gross was also Director of Transfusion Services and the Coagulation Laboratory at Eastern Maine Medical from 1987 through 2015.  Dr. Gross’ interest in patient blood management began at the bedside of bleeding patients as he consulted with surgeons and intensive care specialists in his hospital. New ideas aren’t of much value unless you put them to use, so he founded the Eastern Maine Medical Center PBM Program in 2006 and served as Medical Director until 2015. As a member of the Board of the Society for Advancement of Patient Blood Management, he chaired the SABM Standards Committee. Dr. Gross is a Scientific Associate of the International Foundation for Patient Blood Management, and currently serves as Co-Chair of a World Health Organization (WHO) committee charged with developing international Guidelines for the implementation of PBM. In 2019, he received the Dr. Kathleen J Sazama Award (USA) “For Outstanding Leadership in Advancing Patient Rights and Patient Blood Management.”

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