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Heidi Anderson

About The Author

Heidi Anderson isn’t your average anything.  
A perfectly imperfect combination of no BS and bang-on wisdom, she’s the top-rating radio presenter and TV personality turned PR queen, Memph’s mum, Griffo’s misso, self-love & mental health advocate, author and host of the chart-topping podcast, Champagne Confidence.
Heidi made headlines in 2012 after announcing her struggle with chronic anxiety live on air.  Her story went on to reach over 2 million people online.  Since then, Heidi’s shared her real and relatable journey from self-loathing to self-love and unwavering confidence with her community, and is considered a leader in women’s empowerment.
Never one to shy away from taboo topics, Heidi was born to be on stage where she speaks confidently and completely unfiltered.  Her keynote gigs have been described as “entertaining”, “engaging”, “inclusive” and “stand-out”.   A professional hype queen with a dream of taking her stage show on the road, she inspires women worldwide to love themselves as they are.
Single handedly disrupting the world of PR, Heidi launched her coaching programs in true Heidi style (flying a plane down WA’s coast with a “Heidi Anderson - the Queen of PR” banner, and strutting through shopping centres in just a bra and undies, obviously).  After 15 years in the media, she makes demanding attention look and feel effortless.
Madly typing this “about the author” section in third person before her editor loses her shit, Heidi is currently sitting pantless (and let’s be honest, probably braless) in Perth, Western Australia.  
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