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Gloria Arenson

About The Author

Gloria Arenson, MS, MFT, is an author and educator who has been a clinical therapist for more than twenty years. She specializes in Energy and Power Therapies to treat panic disorders, depression, phobias, and addictions, as well as stress and anxiety. A well-known, charismatic speaker, Ms. Arenson has helped thousands overcome self-defeating behaviors, raise their self-esteem, and enrich relationships through her classes and workshops. The author of popular books on eating disorders and compulsive behavior, she has appeared on major talk shows with Montel Williams, Leeza Gibbons, and Gary Collins. She trains other professionals - psychotherapists, teachers, and health professionals in Meridian Therapy, the basis of The Meridian Therapy Revolution. She lives with her husband, fellow therapist Laurence Brockway, in Southern California.

Books by Gloria Arenson