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Genevieve Wong

About The Author

Genevieve Wong is a four-time Emmy-nominated producer and writer. As a journalist, she has reported for news organizations like NBC News, the New York Post, and the Los Angeles Times. Genevieve is also a former cooking producer at The Nate Show, where she worked alongside celebrity chefs like Todd English and Bobby Flay. After two decades of suffering from conditions like eczema, allergies, and asthma, Genevieve became extremely interested in TCM at the age of twenty-three, and by default, began to learn about the healing powers of Chinese herbal soups. Although she does not consider herself to be a domestic person, it is not unusual to see Genevieve in the kitchen, fanning the flames of her herbal concoctions or boiling herbal soups and porridge for her friends and family who are sick or pregnant.

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