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Frederick R. Kobrick

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About The Author

Frederick R. Kobrick has managed money for more than thirty years. He spent fourteen years as an investment analyst at Wellington Management Company, then joined State Street Research & Management in 1985. He managed the State Street Research Capital Fund, which was one of the five best-performing funds in the country for fifteen years, according to USA Today. Kobrick's Capital Appreciation Fund was included in Money magazine's "Six Funds of the Decade" in 1996, and cited in USA Today as among the five best funds for the entire bull market.

Kobrick left State Street in 1997 to start his own firm, managing three public mutual funds as well as Kobrick Capital, a hedge fund for wealthy individuals and institutions. He was cited by The Boston Globe as one of the top three investors of the 1990s. Kobrick Capital was named USA Today's All-Star Fund of the Year in 1998 and 1999, the only mutual fund ever to win twice.

A frequent guest on financial programs on television, Kobrick currently advises institutions on a pro bono basis and also lectures. He teaches investment management part-time at Boston University, where he has served as a trustee.

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