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Frank Marraffino

About The Author

About Frank Marraffino:
Frank Marraffino’s credits include the graphic novels Heartstrings: Melissa Etheridge
and Her Guitars and The Final Symphony: A Beethoven Anthology from Z2 Comics. For
Marvel Comics, Frank unearthed undead superheroes in Marvel Zombies Supreme and
Marvel Zombies Destroy. He wrote about the cyclical romp and ravage of war in
DC/Vertigo’s Haunted Tank, which Comic Vine listed as the best DC book of the year.
Even though it was created in the states, Frank’s monsters and mystery mash-up The
Dark Goodbye was named as one of the 10 best manga of the year by Play Magazine.
Frank is also the Head Projectionist at New York’s famous Radio City Music Hall, where
he has had the good fortune to experience the best musicians in the world play live.

Books by Frank Marraffino