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Flic Manning

About The Author

Flic Manning is the proud founder of Corethentic, a "Live Fearless" Ambassador for Crohn's & Colitis Australia, an Ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation of Australia and for FitREC DNA, and host of The Human Experience by Flic Manning and Corethentic Zen Meditations podcasts. She specializes in demystifying the human body and mind, and driving changes in quality of life, pain management, productivity, retention, and mindset. Though Flic is a successful wellness author, speaker, and entrepreneur, she has encountered many hardships. In her talks and books, she shares not only thirty years of training as a wellness advocate, neuroplastician, holistic pain-management facilitator, performer, and fitness and dance educator, but also her personal experience in managing Crohn's disease, chronic pain, invisible illness, mental health disorders, and entrepreneurship. Flic's work has been featured by prominent magazines, podcasts, and brands around the world, and she looks forward to sharing her wellness memoir with her readers.

Books by Flic Manning