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Diego Estebo

About The Author

Diego is an illustrator, graphic designer, and visual artist. He lives in Pontevedra, a small town very close to the sea with a well-stocked library. 

When he was little his favorite time of the week was when his dad would take him to the bookstore to pick out a new comic book. Now as an adult, this is still his favorite thing to do. Books are home for him.

Being an artist has allowed him to live in such amazing places as Rome, Gujarat, Cochabamba, or Buenos Aires.

When he works, he likes to combine everything he knows about illustration, graphic design, and art to experiment with colors, textures, and techniques. He often illustrates covers or stories written by others, and now he is learning to tell stories with his drawings.

This is his first book for children and he has enjoyed doing it so much that, surely, it will not be the last.

Books by Diego Estebo