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David Gallardo

David Gallardo is an independent software consultant and author specializing in software internationalization, Java web applications, and database development. He has been a professional software engineer for over fifteen years and has experience with many operating systems, programming languages, and network protocols. He is also the author of ""Java Oracle Database Development."" He lives in El Paso, Texas. Ed Burnette is a Principal Systems Developer at SAS, where he has worked on such diverse projects as compilers, debuggers, device drivers, performance tuning, and UNIX ports. He also helped write several commercial computer games. Currently, Ed uses Eclipse in the development of OLAP servers, mid-tier providers, and clients written in a mixture of C, Java, and C#. He lives near Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Robert McGovern is a software developer for an international high voltage power supply company doing embedded development. He has a degree in artificial intelligence and is a member of the IEEE and the ACM. His personal interest is in Java & Ruby and he has been involved in computers and programming since the days of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Robert lives in West Sussex, England.

Books by David Gallardo