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Dakota Adan

About The Author

Dakota Adan leapt onto the poetry scene in 2018 and was heralded as a modern mystic, with critics likening his works to the poetic stylings of Rumi and Hafiz. He quickly found himself performing in iconic art spaces like Da Poetry Lounge in LA and writing commissioned poetry for the Moroccan Tourism Authority. His love of travel and world religions heavily influenced his work and took him to more than thirty countries and as far away as India, Egypt, and Cambodia in search of the perfect poem. After a transformative trip working with children in the slums of Delhi, Dakota released his first collection of poetry entitled Be(loved) in March of 2019, which quickly became a #1 New Release and Best Seller online. His writing explores self-love and the inherent worth of all things. A quiet soul with a loud heart, Dakota is a relentless advocate for the authentic and the belief that beauty can change the world.

Books by Dakota Adan