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Dagpo Rinpoché

About The Author

Dagpo Rinpoché was born in Kongpo in southeastern Tibet in 1932, was recognized as an incarnate lama at age one by the Thirteenth Dalai Lama, and trained as a monk at Dakpo Shedrup Ling and at Drepung Monastery’s Gomang College in Lhasa. After the Communist takeover of Tibet in 1959, he crossed the Himalayas on foot, and the next year he emigrated to Paris, where he worked with scholars and taught at INaLCO until 1993. In 1978 he founded his first Dharma center, which in 1994 became the Ganden Ling Institute. He has traveled extensively, guiding students and creating numerous centers for the study and practice of Buddhism around the world.

Books by Dagpo Rinpoché