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Carl D. Windsor

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About The Author

Carl D. Windsor has authored hundreds of stories and articles in a career spanning more than forty years. His work first came to the attention of a nationwide audience when, in his early twenties, he was employed as a broadcast news writer for United Press International. His daily news reports were heard by listeners of some 3,500 radio and television stations. His writings have been published in the Journal of Broadcasting and in various college textbooks. His first book, On This Day, experienced rapid success, going into multiple printings within months of its release. Since its introduction in 1989, numerous radio stations have featured the book’s historic content in their daily broadcasts. His hour-long inspirational radio program A Quiet Place, which aired nightly for eight years, was the basis for the book, On This Day. In addition to the book, he also operates an online inspirational music radio station which attracts daily listeners in more than more than 50 countries worldwide. 

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