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Bruce Deitrick Price

About The Author

Bruce Deitrick Price is the author of American Dreams, The Man Who Falls in Love with His Wife, Big Dog, Art and Beauty and The Boy Who Saves The World. His novel Too Easy was translated into French, German and Dutch. An artist and a poet (Theoryland), he also writes extensively about education and founded in 2005. His latest book is Saving K-12 – What Happened to Our Public Schools? How Do We Fix Them?. Price’s forte is explaining the flawed theories and methods found throughout the public schools. He believes that if we don’t save the public schools, we won’t save much else. Price is the country's most prolific and aggressive writer on education. Reformers in Italy found his work and invited him to speak at the Pensare Oltre conference in Milan during October 2017. This elite Italian group refers to Price as a "famous American scholar.” He lives in Virginia Beach.

Books by Bruce Deitrick Price