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Brent Yates

About The Author

Brent Yates is a serial entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience and success as a business owner, philanthropist, and investor. A leader in the natural gas industry and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year nominee, he is now a coveted speaker. Despite having money and prestige, his life journey was neither smooth nor straightforward. In 2007, he was incapacitated by a mysterious illness, a crumbling marriage, shattered familial relationships, and suicidal thoughts. At his lowest point, God put people, organizations, and resources into his life that came around him and lifted him up from his knees.

This pivotal moment made Brent the man he is today.

He set out on a decades long pilgrimage to repair his body, mind, and faith. The more love, compassion, and gratefulness he practiced in his day-to-day life, the more abundant his life became. He is inspired to share his success and learned process with others that are searching for a more balanced and fruitful existence. Brent is involved in many non-profits and founder of Restore Usa charity that supports local and global individuals in need with finances and logistics and without the red tape of most organizations.

In 2020, Brent felt God was motivating him through a recurring dream about scaling a seemingly endless mountain. After finally reaching the summit, he clearly heard the words: “Now, what are you going to do?” Accepting the challenge, he penned The Gravity of Up, where he chronicles his arduous passage from brokenness to holistic health. His autobiographical book is a resource for not only business-minded leaders, but anyone looking to overcome their past for a more plentiful future. 

Books by Brent Yates