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Brendan McCarthy

About The Author

Brendan McCarthy began working for 2000 AD in its early days and as his style developed, he created and designed many memorable strips for the comic, including the British, Japanese and OZ judges, the Judda/Chopper storyline, Zenith and Sooner or Later. His later comics work includes the celebrated Rogan Gosh, the controversial, banned Skin, the influential Strange Days, the Dr Strange/Spider-Man series Fever for Marvel and more recently. The Zaucer of Zilk for 2000 AD (being re-published by IDW in the US). During the eighties, he moved into designing pop videos and then went on to create the visuals for the groundbreaking hit cgi animated TV series Reboot. This led to work in Hollywood on such projects as the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, Lost In Space and Highlander. He also co-wrote and designed the new instalment of the Mad Max franchise called Fury Road, with director George Miller. Brendan currently has a big new cgi animated feature film and a bizarre new comic series (Nano Nano) in the works.

Books by Brendan McCarthy