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Arnon Shorr

About The Author

Arnon Z. Shorr is from many places. Born in Israel, raised Massachusetts, and always a ‘spiritual Angelino’, Arnon’s complicated relationship with ‘home’ has led him to write stories where heroes travel far from the familiar, grapple with the extraordinary, and in doing so learn deep truths about who they are and where they belong. Arnon also has a passion for finding great contemporary stories in the dustiest corners of folklore and history, like 16th century Jewish piracy in the Caribbean, or the more obscure legends of King Solomon. He enjoys opportunities to tell these stories as a filmmaker, screenwriter and author. He also has the pleasure of working as editor-in-chief of Maggid Comics, where he is tasked with shepherding an exciting new brand of Jewish popular fiction.Arnon lives in Sharon, MA, with his remarkably patient wife, three precocious children, a crotchety cat and an overly-affectionate dog. But if you ask, he’s ‘from Los Angeles

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