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Andrea Smith

Photograph courtesy of author

About The Author

Andrea Smith, world peace artist, philosopher, and peace activator was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, later graduating from Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Often referred to as a painter of the spirit, she creates her colorful pieces in an unusual outdoor studio where the natural sunlight permeates into everything she paints, while working with a myriad of mediums such as acrylics, pastels, and watercolors.

Her paintings and sculptures have been internationally exhibited over the past fifty years in such countries as Japan, Indonesia, Egypt, throughout Europe, as well as across the United States. Collectors of Andrea's work range from presidents to dignitaries to everyday art enthusiasts, and she enjoys lecturing and administering her painting workshops for her fans around the globe. She opened her own gallery in 2001, in the high desert community of Sedona, Arizona, and has resided there since 2008. The gallery features her paintings as well as sculptures from her travels around the world.

Books by Andrea Smith