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Amir Cheheltan

About The Author

Amir Hassan Cheheltan was born in 1956 in Tehran and has published eight novels, five volumes of short stories and a screenplay. Due to censorship, his first novel, The Mourning of Qassem, was only published in 2003, twenty years after it was written, and many of his novels have had to undergo revisions. Following harassment and threats after the publication of his work, he and his family moved to Italy for two years. Revolution Street was first published in 2009 in German and in 2013 in Norwegian. It has yet to be published in Iran. Cheheltan supervises the creative writing workshop at the Karnameh Culture Centre in Tehran and writes feature articles for international papers such as Frankfurter Allgemeina and Suddeutsche Zeitung.

Books by Amir Cheheltan