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42nd Sakya Trizin Ratna Vajra

About The Author

His Holiness Khöndung Ratna Vajra Rinpoche, the 42nd Sakya Trizin, the eldest son of His Holiness the 41st Sakya Trizin, is considered one of the most highly qualified lineage masters of Tibetan Buddhism. Renowned for his erudition and the clarity of his teachings, Rinpoche belongs to the prestigious Sakya Khön family, whose successive generations have provided an unbroken lineage of outstanding masters. From birth, His Holiness was the recipient of countless blessings, empowerments, and teachings from His Holiness the 41st Sakya Trizin as well as many other learned and accomplished masters, including His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and His Eminence Chogye Trichen Rinpoche. In March 2017, Ratna Vajra Rinpoche became the leader of Sakya tradition, and he has since continued to guide and inspire Dharma students from around the world.

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