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In Under God, Pulitzer Prize winner and eminent political observer Garry Wills sheds light on the frequent collision between American politics and American religion.

Beginning with the 1988 presidential contest, an election that included two ministers and a senator accused of sin, award-winning author Garry Wills surveys the tapestry of American history to show the continuity of present controversies with past religious struggles, and argues that the secular standards of the Founding Fathers have been misunderstood. He shows that despite reactionary fire-breathers and fanatics, religion has often been a progressive force in American politics, and explains why the policy of a separate church and state has, ironically, made the position of the church stronger.

Marked by the extraordinary quality of observation that has defined Will’s work, Under God is a rich, original look at why religion and politics will never be separate in the United States.

"Easily the most engrossing and informative -- and far and away the best written -- book on American politics in many, many moons."

-- Booklist

"Abounds in complexities and ironies."

-- Time

"A brilliant examination of the connection between religion and politics in American life."

-- The Milwaukee Journal

"A devastating analysis."

-- The Washington Post

"Intellectual journalism of the highest order."

-- San Francisco Chronicle

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