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Toward a More Natural Science

Kass shows how the promise and the peril of our time are inextricably linked with the promise and the peril of modern science.

The relation between the pursuit of knowledge and the conduct of life—between science and ethics, each broadly conceived—has in recent years been greatly complicated by developments in the science of life. This book examines the ethical questions involved in prenatal screening, in vitro fertilization, artificial life forms, and medical care, and discusses the role of human beings in nature.

Photo Credit: Mark Finkenstaedt

Leon R. Kass, M.D., is Henry R. Luce Professor of the Liberal Arts of Human Biology, the College and the Committee on Social Thought, at the University of Chicago. He has been a Senior Fellow at the National Institutes of Health and served as the Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. Research Professor in Bioethics at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University.