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The Woman Outside My Door



About The Book

“Expect a few chills to run down your spine as you work your way through this sharp debut” (CrimeReads) about a young mother who can’t shake the feeling that her son’s imaginary friend is putting him in very real danger—perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell and Mary Kubica.

All children have imaginary friends, Georgina tells herself. It’s perfectly normal, and they all grow out of it in the end. But when her seven-year-old son, Cody, tells her about New Granny, the friend he’s met in the park, Georgina is instantly suspicious. Something—call it maternal instinct—tells her he isn’t making it up.

Still, maybe Georgina is losing her mind. It wouldn’t be the first time, after all. And with her own mother’s recent death leaving her feeling bereft and overwhelmed as a busy working mom, it’s no wonder she’s feeling paranoid that Cody has invented a “New Granny” to replace his beloved grandmother. Her husband assures Georgina that it’s just a game, the product of their son’s overactive imagination.

But what if Cody’s imaginary friend isn’t so imaginary after all?

“Packed with jaw-dropping moments, The Woman Outside My Door is a twisty thriller with hidden depths” (Robyn Harding, internationally bestselling author of The Party) that will keep you guessing until the shocking last page.



On that crisp January afternoon, the park lay silvery and deserted, coated in a thin layer of frost. The grass crunched under Georgina’s feet as she followed shrieks of laughter to a cluster of evergreen bushes and trees.

“Boys!” she called towards the bushes. “Out where I can see you, please!”

Luke and Patrick, her son’s friends, tumbled out first. They were giggling, faces flushed so pink Georgina doubted they felt the cold at all.

“Come on, you two, back to the playground.”

They bolted off obediently. But Cody did not emerge.


Georgina waited. Her breaths clouded the air.


Of course her child would be the defiant one. Georgina sighed.

“Cody, don’t make me come in there and get you.”

Still nothing. Luke and Patrick had reached the playground. Their delighted screams echoed over the otherwise silent fields. A distant dog walker was the only other person in sight.


Just as Georgina was about to push through the branches herself, the leaves shivered, and her son appeared.

Her annoyance melted away in the face of that cheeky half smile.

“Come on. Your friends are at the playground.” She ruffled his muss of dark hair as they began to walk.

He was sucking on a lollipop he hadn’t had earlier.

Georgina frowned. “Where did you get that?”

Cody took the lollipop out of his mouth. “The old lady gave it to me.”

“What old lady?”

“The old lady in the bushes.”

He popped it back in his mouth and made to run off after his friends. Georgina stopped him.

“You were talking to an old lady in the bushes? Just now?”

Cody nodded, impatient to be off.

“Why would she give you a lollipop, Cody?”

He shrugged. “She said she was my granny.”

The shiver that traveled down Georgina’s spine had nothing to do with the cold. Each hair on the back of her neck stood up as if brushed by a spiderweb.

“Cody,” she said, when she trusted herself to speak, “that’s not right. You know Granny is dead.”

I know that,” Cody said scornfully. “She said it. Can I go, Mom, please?”

Georgina nodded, too shaken to continue the conversation, and watched him tear off to the playground.

She turned back towards the bushes. They were still. She looked around the park but could see no one. Even the dog walker had disappeared from sight.

“Patrick, you’re it!” Cody was screaming gleefully. “Catch me if you can, catch me if you can!”

Georgina walked over to the thicket of bushes and trees.


She took a step closer, then another, and tried peering through the leaves. But all she could see were tree trunks and darkness.

Suddenly self-conscious, she backed away and cut a brisk path to the playground.

“Cody,” she asked, when she managed to pull him away from his friends, “where did the lollipop really come from?”

“The lady. I told you.” He wriggled out from under her grasp.

“Cody, come on. You shouldn’t make up—”

But Cody was racing back to his friends.

Georgina sat down on a bench.

She said she was my granny.

She wanted to cry. As of last year—July 4, a date now carved into Georgina’s heart—Cody didn’t have a grandmother. Bren’s parents had passed away before Cody was born, but Georgina’s mother had been a warm, wonderful presence in her grandson’s first seven years of life. Now she wouldn’t see his eighth birthday.

Georgina wiped away a tear. She didn’t know what would compel Cody to say such a thing, but it was upsetting; it was wrong.

“Mom!” Cody was hanging upside down off the climbing frame. “Look at me, look at meee!”

“I see you, sweetie!” Georgina forced a cheerful tone. She wished now that she hadn’t agreed to this playdate, but it was too late. Luke’s and Patrick’s respective parents weren’t picking them up until seven. Georgina felt tired at the thought.

As they left the park, she looked back over her shoulder, across the icy fields to that lonely patch of trees—and again felt that soft spiderweb brush against the hairs on the back of her neck.

About The Author

Photograph by Ailo Kerr

Rachel Ryan was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. She can usually be found writing in coffee shops, hanging around libraries, or walking the streets of Dublin, making up stories. She is the author of Someone You Trust and The Woman Outside My Door.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Pocket Books (September 27, 2022)
  • Length: 352 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781668004722

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Raves and Reviews

“Packed with jaw-dropping moments, The Woman Outside My Door is a twisty thriller with hidden depths. I gobbled it up."

– Robyn Harding, internationally bestselling author of THE PARTY

"You never know when the secrets of your past will rise up and find you again. Rachel Ryan shines in this creepy and chilling debut. Questions abound—imaginary friend or dangerous stalker? You will fly through the pages of this tense and fast-paced story, and the giant twist at the end will leave your heart pounding."

– Julie Clark, New York Times bestselling author of THE LAST FLIGHT

“When your husband, your seven-year-old son, and your father are all harboring secrets, who can you trust? A rollercoaster of a read, it never flags, the pace is relentless, resulting in a denouement that will take your breath away. Bravo, Rachel Ryan!”

– Liz Nugent, #1 internationally bestselling author of Little Cruelties

“A fast-paced, gripping thriller.... As the heart-pounding tension unfolds page after page, Rachel Ryan expertly unravels the mystery, leaving readers guessing until the satisfying, surprising ending. Emotional, captivating, and suspenseful, this is a fantastic debut by an author to watch.

– Samantha M. Bailey, #1 bestselling author of Woman on the Edge

"A clever spin on the every mother’s nightmare scenario that probes the secrets at the heart of a family, and of a country. Gripping and hugely readable, [The Woman Outside My Door] heralds a bright new voice in psychological thrillers."

– Erin Kelly, USA Today bestselling author of HE SAID/SHE SAID

"An incredible debut; pacy, clever, and tense."

– Jo Spain, #1 bestselling author of The Confession

"A stunning debut. Gripping and unpredictable, my heart is still pounding!"

– Sam Blake, #1 bestselling author of Keep Your Eyes on Me

“[A] confident debut ... Ryan does a good job keeping the reader off balance, wondering whether Georgina is indeed going mad. The tension builds as long-held secrets are revealed, and Georgina proves that she’ll stop at nothing to protect her child. Fans of psychological suspense will be satisfied."

– Publishers Weekly

"A tense, unsettling thriller about the kind of toxic secret that can blow a family apart ... a very impressive debut."

– T. M. Logan, Sunday Times bestselling author of THE HOLIDAY

"A gripping tale that wraps its tentacles around you and draws you in."

– Siobhan MacDonald, author of Twisted River

"An eerie and unsettling thriller that twists relentlessly in surprising directions. A gripping debut."

– Catherine Ryan Howard, USA Today bestselling author of DISTRESS SIGNALS

"A tension-filled, emotional page-turner."

– Andrea Carter, author of the Inishowen Mysteries

"I couldn't put it down. A suspenseful read, full of chills and twists. It kept me turning the pages with the clever plotting."

– Patricia Gibney, USA Today bestselling author of THE MISSING ONES

"A dark, emotionally compelling psychological thriller which plays to every woman's fears. Heartbreak and betrayal are delivered at a breakneck speed. A terrific debut novel!"

– Mary Torjussen, author of GONE WITHOUT A TRACE

"Ryan draws the reader into not only Georgina’s terrifying journey to save her son, but also her marriage and her sanity. Georgina is a fierce, loyal narrator, and the reader won’t be able to resist rooting for her success. Seasoned mystery lovers will recognize similarities to B. A. Paris’ The Breakdown (2017), Mary Kubica’s The Other Mrs. (2020), and A. J. Finn’s The Woman in the Window (2018).”

– Booklist

"Ryan’s debut is a chilling story about motherhood and grief, centered on a mother whose young child, coping with the death of a grandmother, seems to invent a new imaginary friend in her place. Except that maybe the friend isn’t imaginary. Expect a few chills to run down your spine as you work your way through this sharp debut."

– CrimeReads

"[A] suspenseful, chilling, unsettling, and creepy thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat. It has a good pace from scene to scene and a dramatic ending that caught me by surprise... an amazing debut novel!"

– Mystery & Suspense

"[A] first novel whose author we’ll stay alert for... Nicely knits in a troubled marriage of likable people [...] and a twisty ending you won’t see coming."

– Shawangunk Journal

"An enjoyable domestic thriller that will keep the reader guessing."


"A tantalizing psychological thriller that will leave you with hairs standing up on the back of your neck. ... I could not put this book down and read it all in one day. It is fantastic all the way through. ... This is a perfect read for fans of authors such as K.L. Slater.”

– San Francisco Book Review

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