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About The Book

One of the most prolific writers of all time, Frederick Faust is thought to have written nearly thirty million words during his career, in the form of hundreds of novels and short stories. He is most widely celebrated for his Westerns written under the pseudonym, Max Brand. Included in this bundle are three novels starring fast shooting and always cool, Jim "Silvertip" Silver.
  • Silvertip: It was a one shot kill... But it wasn't the man Silvertip meant to kill. It was just a kid wearing Bandini's cape. And while Silvertip wasn't denying he pulled the trigger, it was Bandini who set the youngster up, sending him out of the saloon to die like a dog. It should have been the back-shooting, throat-cutting Bandini who bled his life away into the dust of that dark alley. Before the young boy's corpse was cold, Silvertip made an oath. He'd track down the kid's kin. And whatever the youngster was supposed to do, he'd finish the job. Then he'd find Bandini and kill him proper. Though it was a crying shame you couldn't kill a man like Bandini more than once...
  • Silvertip's Strike: Steve Wycombe was a low-down snake till the day he died...and even after death. To his three worst enemies--Morris Delgas, Harry Rutherford, and Jim Silver--he left his land, stock, and cash. It was his last evil plan, shrewd and vindictive. To profit from his inheritance, the three would have to run his ranch together. Wycombe knew the criminals, Delgas and Rutherford, wouldn't cooperate with the honest Silvertip. Sooner or later there would be violence and bloodshed. Wycombe would have wanted it that way.
  • Silvertip's Roundup: When Barry Christian, one of the West's most detestable law breakers, starts making trouble in Horseshoe Flat, Silvertip is ready to take him on in his inimitable style. Silvertip joins forces with Taxi, a cunning safecracker and ex-con from New York. Together Silvertip and Taxi set out to hunt Christian down and teach him an unforgettable lesson.

About The Author

Max Brand is a pseudonym for Frederick Schiller Faust, an author known primarily for his Western stories

Product Details

  • Publisher: Prologue Books (May 23, 2016)
  • Length: 100 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781440598920

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"Max Brand is the Shakespeare of the Western range." ~Kirkus Reviews

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