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The Rugged Entrepreneur

What Every Disruptive Business Leader Should Know

About The Book

Have you ever dreamed about owning your own business? Maybe becoming a market disruptor? Would you know where to start? Do you have a coach, a mentor, or a teacher who can show you how? Well, now you do.

If we are lucky, we have been taught to dream since the time we were very young. If we are luckier still, we have also been taught to establish a sturdy foundation for those dreams to stand upon. When building the business you’ve always dreamed of, you must first establish a rock-solid foundation, something I’ve learned from many years of experience as a Rugged Entrepreneur.

What is a “Rugged Entrepreneur”? It’s what I call a special breed of entrepreneur. Ruggeds make the leap toward success in a way that separates them from the millions who fall short because they invest the time and effort to develop and hone the specific set of powerful skills you’ll discover in these pages. 

I’ve identified four elements to becoming a Rugged Entrepreneur. These elements can be developed by anyone and are helpful to every type of entrepreneur. But all four of them are necessary to do the job well. The Four Foundational Elements of being a Rugged Entrepreneur are:

  • A fervent work ethic
  • A humble and healthy pride (what I call “Rugged Pride”)
  • Fortitudo mentis (aka, mental toughness)
  • Faith


The Rugged Entrepreneur provides a roadmap to your journey of lasting self-discovery. It’s about identifying and acquiring the skills to achieve sustained success and to build on top of that success. It’s about passionately pursuing a productive business life for yourself and your family using the economic engines accessible to us all. 

But be warned: do not read this book if you do not want to be challenged.








About The Author

Over the past 25 years, highly successful serial entrepreneur Carlton Scott Andrew founded and/or owned companies spanning multiple industries, including beverage manufacturing and wholesale, real estate development, multi-model franchising, construction, advertising, rodeo production, mass media, consulting, and internet marketing & distribution in retail and B2B.

In 2013, recognizing a need for disruptive distribution and retail changes in the 100 billion-dollar U.S. home furnishings industry, he brazenly established Retail Service Systems (RSS), serving as its President and CEO. Along with the company’s COO, Jerry Williams, and the entire passionate RSS team, he dramatically changed how franchise models scale by helping local business owners compete with the big regional and national power players. This endeavor not only led to RSS becoming what Inc. magazine has ranked and recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in America—with a compounded annual growth rate of 816% in their 2019 edition—but it has trained and empowered hundreds of Rugged Entrepreneurs in the process. In that same year, Andrew and the RSS team had the vision to launch the franchise bioPURE Services in the microbial germ fighting space ahead of the 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic.

Through vision, strategic asset acquisitions, applying advanced technology in operational and marketing systems, and developing proprietary methodologies, RSS has now positioned itself as a franchise market leader in services, specialized distribution, and retailing by building a national network of corporate-owned, independently licensed, and franchised locations in multiple industries.

Today, Andrew’s and RSS’s legacy of starting businesses in multiple countries continues with licensed and franchised businesses in 47 states, as well as with state-of the-art headquarters, customer service, and national training centers in Columbus, Ohio; Jacksonville, Florida; and Johnson City, Tennessee.

As a perennial student both of human nature and American free enterprise, Andrew has a lot to share about the attributes every entrepreneur needs to develop as they build their business, whether it is one they create from scratch or one they are launching from an established model. The Rugged Entrepreneur offers readers a blueprint for how to lay a sturdy foundation upon which to build that business. It also offers valuable insight into how to disrupt the marketplace with your most viable ideas.

As you read what is both a business memoir and business handbook, you will see how Andrew picked himself up from the inevitable early career stumbles and went on to create what is unquestionably an example of the great American Dream. Despite his inordinate hard work you will love and want to emulate the unique way he has established a wonderful work-life balance too!

Product Details

  • Publisher: Forefront Books (January 12, 2021)
  • Length: 240 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781948677684

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Raves and Reviews

The all-encompassing approach to becoming a Rugged begins with the Four Foundational Elements of a Rugged Entrepreneur – a fervent work ethic, a humble and healthy pride, ‘fortitude mentis’ (mental toughness), and faith. This book could become the go-to guide for not only nascent and seasoned business people, but for all of us to follow. Very highly recommended

– Grady Harp

So much wisdom in one book! The Rugged Entrepreneur is not just a great book, it’s a guide to surviving the new economy. Everyone should read this. Skip college and read this book!

– David Alan Arnold, Helicopter Cameraman, Deadliest Catch, Bering Sea Gold and SURVIVOR

An eye-opening and common-sense approach that will help you become one of the “Ruggeds.”  This book will change your perspective and approach to success!”

– John Kelly, Detroit Free Press 5-Stars

The author of this insightful, inspiring, and motivational book, uses his lifetime’s expertise acquired creating, and managing thriving and profitable enterprises, to show his readers how to do just that. Applying his four keys for success, along with some priceless tips and examples, Scott Andrew equips his readers with all the knowledge they need to create their own business, or rejuvenate an existing one, and take it all the way to the top. Success does indeed breed success.

– Susan Keefe, Midwest Book Review

Scott Andrew has coined a new term ‘The Rugged Entrepreneur’ and tells the reader how to become a ‘Disruptive Business Leader’ in the process. A must read for college students.

– Jess Todtfeld, Former TV Producer for NBC, ABC and FOX-News

Drawing from a variety of fields including sports, history, the wisdom of other business leaders, science, art, and poetry, Andrew combines insight with experience, conveying it to the reader with wit, humor, and a winning tone of encouragement and empowerment. For anyone who wants to enjoy a lifetime of growth and encourage others toward growth and success, The Rugged Entrepreneur is an invaluable resource!

– Jessica Tofino, Educator and Writer

The Rugged Entrepreneur is far more than a usual “dry” business book. If you’re thinking of starting a business, already have a business, or want to bring your business to the next level, I can’t recommend The Rugged Entrepreneur highly enough.

– Rachel Song, Writer and Editor

One of the more interesting aspects of The Rugged Entrepreneur is the importance of company culture. Scott Andrew discusses how heroic ‘stories’ can be nurtured and then memorialized so they serve as inspiration and motivation to all. 

– Mike Ball, Writer

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