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The Power of Switchwords

67 Words to Reprogram Your Life

Published by Earthdancer Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A simple guide to using power words to change your reality

• Presents 67 switchwords and explores how to use them for manifesting goals

• Explains how switchwords work from a subconscious level to influence reality

• Explores how switchwords can be combined and shares a few special switchword combinations for specific situations and goals

The power of language goes beyond the meaning of words. The words we use influence our subconscious and send ripples through the energy field around us. Certain words, called “switchwords,” have a stronger influence on our subconscious and energy fields. By using them intentionally, you can harness the power of the Law of Attraction to reprogram your reality and manifest your desires.

In this practical guide to 67 powerful switchwords, Franziska Krattinger explains how a single word or combination of words repeated several times either aloud, whispered, or spoken inwardly can be used to change our subconscious mind, the first step toward outer change and reprogramming ourselves and our reality. Describing the underlying cosmic rules behind the power of switchwords, she provides techniques for using these words and explains the multitude of energy shifts they can achieve in your life and how.

For each of the 67 switchwords presented in this guide, the author explains the specific situations they can help solve and the energy shifts they can bring into reality. For each word she recommends a special number of repetitions, sometimes with a certain rhythm, as well as word combinations for specific goals and tips and tricks to succeed. For example, the switchword “achieving” will help you activate your hidden skills. By combining “achieving” with other switchwords, such as “achieving life goal,” “achieving ability to love,” or “achieving partnership,” the energy is targeted to a certain purpose. The author also encourages you to be creative and experiment with different switchword combinations tailored to your own desires.

Offering an easy-to-use guide to harnessing the power of language, Krattinger shows how each of us can use words to change our reality and reprogram ourselves for health, happiness, and prosperity.


From THE BASICS: Your Switchword Toolkit

Just one word is enough

A single word is enough to lift or depress a person’s mood. Each word is a channel that guides the relevant energy into our existence. Our thoughts are formed and expressed in words and betray our inner attitudes.

The right word at the right time can bring about fundamental change. People who get bogged down in a stream of words often fail to explain things properly. Each attempt at explanation indicates seeking approval due to a lack of self-confidence. In addition, people who always say the same thing reveal long-held attitudes. One targeted word is generally more effective than an endless stream; a single word provides food for thought.

Some words exert a powerful influence on the subconscious by prompting activity. These (switch)words influence our basic attitudes and help our minds to escape from the ruts in which they have become stuck. They can also help us to enjoy pleasant and enriching experiences. A word hangs in space, so to speak, and challenges our attitudes. The key is to act in the present, in the here and now that holds the power for change. Use switchwords when a shift in attitude is required.

A personal recommendation: Do seemingly insurmountable attitudes constantly trip you up? Do you only ever grasp the real meaning of what you’ve said once you have said it? Do you simply have nothing left to say on negative occasions? Do you often find yourself provoked into saying something before you have really had the time to think things through properly?

Make your life much easier by writing out some of the words and phrases in this book and posting them on something that you walk past on a daily basis (your refrigerator door, desk, or cupboard). They will act as a constant reminder. Things will become easier, and those around you will also benefit. A word hangs in space, literally, and influences the energy of all those present.

From THE SWITCHWORDS: A Dictionary of Switchwords

How to Use the Switchwords

Read the switchword lists across the page from left to right, saying the words aloud or repeating them in your mind (see p. 29).

For each switchword, you will see a suggestion for the number of repetitions to use, along with instructions on when to take a breathing pause (indicated by two asterisks **). These are merely recommendations, and you are of course free to choose your own rhythm and number of repetitions.

Repeating the switchwords will allow you to visualize “in your mind’s eye” how the switchword will work. The repetitions create a rhythm that amplifies the power of the word.


Say TOGETHER twenty-eight times in a row. Take a breathing pause where indicated (**).

together together together together together together together **

together together together together together together together **

together together together together together together together **

together together together together together together together

TOGETHER combines those things that bring completion. Only what is complete makes sense.

When the ego is too heavily involved, the danger is that you will focus on a single detail in an entire situation or set of circumstances and make this a stumbling block. You could end up spending too much time concentrating on this detail, exhausting yourself while becoming a burden on those around you. TOGETHER promotes a view of the whole context. When someone cannot remember a past event, it is often due to a deception of the ego. The ego concentrates on the deeds of others, placing less emphasis on personal responsibility. If people come to my consulting room hoping to resolve a conflict in their partnership or some other aspect of their life together, I ask them specifically for real examples of situations they have experienced. I ask questions, and when the person seeking help tells me that they can’t remember exactly, I know that we are dealing with a blanket apportioning of blame. People who observe themselves with honesty in such situations are close to the actual solution. Nothing happens to us that is not connected with us.

TOGETHER ensures that the subconscious is fully cooperative with the superconscious once more. It brings about alignment and integration and encourages a consistent approach. The two separated SELVES are reunited so that together they achieve the highest and the best of things. TOGETHER releases feelings of division and activates the essential union of the highest forces.

TOGETHER cannot unite people or things that are incapable of a holistic combination. It cannot be employed as a tool for manipulation, for example, but it can support the potential union of appropriate things. TOGETHER clarifies if things actually do belong together. If this is not the case, stop trying to bring them together and do not waste any more time or effort.

To achieve the best results, say your first name and TOGETHER out loud in the morning; you will be surprised at just how positively your skills and attributes come into their own on a holistic level. Promote a feeling of team spirit in your daily interactions with others by using TOGETHER. If you find that you cannot concentrate and are becoming too easily distracted, TOGETHER will help you to apply your seven senses more effectively. If you find you are missing a final piece of a puzzle, say “project TOGETHER,” and just see how everything miraculously falls into place.

Would you like to awaken your clairvoyant powers? If so, try asking questions about a partnership. For example, say “Adam and Eve TOGETHER” and listen to what your gut feeling tells you. If these two people do not really belong together, there will be a strong indication of this, and/or your feelings will tell you how likely they are to remain in a partnership. If you want to check your own relationship, say your own first name and that of your partner, and then say TOGETHER twenty-eight times. If long-term holistic happiness is impossible, you will be able to recognize this without judgment and then to let go. You always have a choice: you can compromise and stay together, or take a chance on absolute love, and trust that life will always want the highest and best for you. TOGETHER is the master key that aligns everything so that true fulfillment can be experienced.

About The Author

Franziska Krattinger (1957-2013) was a Swiss author and life coach. From an early age she had the ability to see the auras of both people and animals, and this marked the starting point for her insights into spiritual mysteries. For over twenty years she used her abilities with great success to counsel people and give seminars in life- and consciousness-development.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Earthdancer Books (September 6, 2022)
  • Length: 128 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644116784

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