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The Mindful Guide to Conflict Resolution

How to Thoughtfully Handle Difficult Situations, Conversations, and Personalities

Successfully handle difficult conversations, remain civil, and end an argument peacefully with this straightforward and mindful guide to conflict resolution.

It’s important to share your thoughts and opinions with others—and even more important to be able to do so without starting an argument or offending someone. Now you can prevent and resolve conflicts with help from this guide covering everything from understanding your own emotions better and learning how to address people in different situations, to getting through a difficult conversation, coming to a positive conclusion, and disengaging yourself when necessary.

The Mindful Guide to Conflict Resolution provides the essential tools to mindfully communicate during any challenging situation. With this practical and informative guide in hand, you have the power to transform any difficult exchange or disagreement into a positive, constructive conversation.

Photograph by Caroline White

Rosalie Puiman is a certified coach and teacher, who has supported hundreds of individuals and management teams in their personal and professional development with a focus on open communication, mindfulness, and authentic leadership. Over the years she has developed a deep understanding of the underlying drivers to enable growth in personal leadership and bringing a mindful approach to communication. Rosalie’s blogs and published articles on sites like Huffington Post have inspired many to make changes in how they connect with others. Rosalie lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands with her husband and their two children. Learn more about Rosalie’s writing and work on her website, where you can sign up for her informative newsletter or follow her adventures on Instagram, @SovereignLiving_RosaliePuiman.

“I love this book! Every one of us can benefit from Rosalie Puiman’s practical wisdom and immediately effective approaches. Her writing style is clear, beautiful, and inviting. She first helps readers connect to themselves and their awareness, building confidence in how they engage with others when tough moments arise. From there, she offers clear and simple how-to guidelines for wading into deep waters. In truth, this book is not just about resolving conflicts; it’s actually an incredibly user-friendly guidebook for daily living and interaction. Thank you, Rosalie, for this gift to us all!”

—Alan Seale, director of The Center for Transformational Presence; author of Transformational Presence: How to Make a Difference in a Rapidly Changing World and Create a World That Works