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The Kindness Workbook

An Interactive Guide for Creating Compassion in Yourself and the World

Manifest kindness within yourself and kick-start a positive ripple effect in the world with this interactive workbook to cultivating kindness.

Kindness can change the world—and the world could use some change! Practicing kindness just a few minutes every day can help you think more positively and lovingly towards yourself and others—even people you don’t know.

Leading you through introspective exercises, The Kindness Workbook shows you how to integrate kindness into your life and spread it to others. In turn, you can feel calmer, less stressed, more compassionate, and accepting. Your personal, social, and work relationships will flourish. Best of all, your kindness to others may persuade them to pay it forward, spreading goodwill and making the world a more peaceful, pleasant, and connected place.

Robin Raven is an accomplished author and journalist who is passionate about writing about kindness. The transformative power of kindness helped Robin heal after she experienced deep trauma in her own life. Through therapy, time with her mentor, the support of other loved ones, mindfulness, journaling, and learning self-compassion, Robin learned to live her life to the fullest and observed that empowering oneself and others through acts of kindness can be a path to a joyful life. Robin has been published in The Washington PostCondé Nast TravelerUSA TODAYReader’s DigestBrides, and many other publications. Learn more at

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