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The Healing Handbook

A Beginner's Guide and Journal to Meditation

About The Book

Her clients include Mel Gibson, Isabella Rossellini, Mariah Carey, and the house of Prada. The founder of Healing Hands, Inc., Jodi Levy built her therapeutic wellness company on the philosophy of healing through holistic means. Now readers can experience what her spa clientele already practice -- self-empowerment through meditations and affirmations that heal the soul while de-stressing the body.
Jodi Levy's story of recovery from cross-addictive, self-destructive behavioral patterns is one of true inspiration. As she began to replace substance abuse with massage, meditation, and holistic remedies, she experienced a total renewal of mind, body, and spirit.
The Healing Handbook opens the world of relaxation, stress reduction, and positive visualization -- all vital to the healing process -- to readers everywhere. From meditations on greeting the morning and dealing with grief to cleansing the mind to learning to laugh more often, this amazing guide, shows the way. It also provides exercises that help tune out the energies keeping us from expecting the love we deserve, holding in our sadness instead of letting it cleanse us, and hating our bodies when they need affection and respect.
The Healing Handbook leads us down the path of wellness, giving us the power to triumph over a toxic culture with kindness and with love.


It is often said that music soothes the savage beast. Because I believe that stress has become the savage beast of modern times, I have included a list of gentle relaxing music that has assisted me in my meditations. What music does is help me quietly slip into a more reflective state of mind, as I begin to connect; slowly with the center of my being. Music has helped transport me from a place of crazy energy to a place of magnificent tranquility, when I needed to be really still. From this place of calm stillness, I began to clear away the clutter that had bungled my mind. I began to replace the negative messages that were clouding my head with a bright, positive, flowing stream of thought. I hope this list of music will help you set the stage for your own spiritual homecoming.
  • Healing Hands Mood Music -- by David Bryan
  • Watermark, or anything by Enya -- a massage therapist's favorite!
  • Anything by Yanni -- he is often referred to as the guru of New Age music Beethoven
  • Bach
  • Handel
  • Mozart
  • Anything from the above classics will completely clear your head!
  • Anything by Enigma -- a group that is often referred to "The Jazzy Monks"
  • Anything by Sade -- an eighties classic who hasn't lost her smooth style
  • White Sands by Andreas Wollenweider -- a good introduction into the world of New Age music

Copyright © 1999 by Joan Levy and Healing Hands, Inc.

About The Author

Jody Levy founded the Healing Hands, Inc., in 1995 at the age of twenty-eight. Originally a therapeutic massage service, Healing Hands now has multiple spas around the country and provides massage and aromatherapy to Fortune 500 companies, five-star hotels, celebrities, politicians, and Olympic athletes.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Gallery Books (April 1, 1999)
  • Length: 160 pages
  • ISBN13: 9780671027599

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