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The Everything Guide to C.S. Lewis & Narnia Book

Explore the magical world of Narnia and the brilliant mind behind it

Part of Everything®

Now, more than ever, the works of C.S. Lewis enthrall and entertain readers of all ages. But who was this man of intellect and imagination? The Everything C.S. Lewis and Narnia Book gives you an in-depth look at this master storyteller, his life and times, and his best known works. You’ll learn how he:

  • Overcame his tragic childhood
  • Journeyed from atheism to faith
  • Created the magical world of Narnia
  • Inspired other writers, philosophers, and political thinkers
  • Found—and tragically lost—the love of his life

You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of Lewis’s body of literary works including the enchanting characters of Narnia. This is the essential guide to the man who inspired the imaginations of millions of children and adults alike!

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