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The Everything Guide To Raising A One-Year-Old

From Personality And Behavior to Nutrition And Health--a Complete Handbook

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About The Book

As busy parents who are fast approaching your baby's twelve-month milestone, you need a helpful manual to guide your baby through developmental milestones like walking, talking, and engaging with others. The Everything Guide to Raising a One-Year-Old offers sound advice on getting through the next exciting-and challenging-year of your child's life.
This all-new guide helps you transition smoothly from the baby years into the toddler years with expert advice that shows you how to:
  • Encourage physical and emotional developments, such as walking and communicating needs
  • Address day-to-day issues including toothbrushing, bedtime routines, and mealtime choices
  • Deal with tantrums and developmental delays
  • Choose childcare providers like daycare and babysitters
  • Get your child to sleep
  • Set the stage for potty training, provide nutrition, and ensure safety

Written by a pediatrician and a Mom, The Everything Guide to Raising a One-Year-Old is full of practical and informative advice that will ensure that you and your little one enjoy a safe, healthy, and happy 12 to 24 months!

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An Adams Media author.

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