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The Everything Grammar and Style Book

All you need to master the rules of great writing

Part of Everything®

Good grammar is as critical to a successful personal and professional life as good grooming. Yet many struggle to master the basics. Enter this straightforward and entertaining book, which will teach even the worst grammarphobes how to write crystal-clear emails, professional-sounding letters, or articulate term papers.

Completely revised and updated, this edition of an Everything bestseller includes:

  • Steps to mastering difficult punctuation
  • Effective revision techniques
  • Tips for clear and concise writing
It also includes new material on:
  • Lists of commonly misspelled and misused words
  • Brand-new exercises, called Checkpoint, at the end of each chapter
  • E-Links: Web sites for spelling rules, style help, and interactive quizzes
The perfect desk reference, The Everything Grammar and Style Book, 2nd Edition has all the ingredients anyone needs to conquer their fear of grammar and become a great communicator.

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