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The Everything Canning and Preserving Book

All you need to know to enjoy natural, healthy foods year round

Part of Everything®

More and more people are beginning to can and preserve, whether for health benefits or to save money. Complete with step-by-step instructions, recipes, and tips, this book is a must for beginning and experienced canners alike. With this book you will learn to:

  • Preserve fresh foods by drying, freezing, canning, and pickling
  • Find and use the tools needed to can and preserve foods at home
  • Take safety precautions to prevent food contamination
  • Can all-natural broths, soups, and stews
  • Dry herbs and spices from the garden for year-round use
  • Make festive food giftsùfrom jams and jellies to dressings and sauces

In addition to a wealth of information and 100 great recipes, you will find a glossary of terms they can reference and an appendix of resources, including lists of products, books, and websites, to help you find everything you need to begin canning today!

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