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Teachable Moments

Using Everyday Encounters with Media and Culture to Instill Conscience, Character, and Faith

About The Book

Nationally syndicated columnist and media advisor on parenting, Marybeth Hicks outlines the overarching issues in using daily encounters with the current media-driven culture to impart the values and virtues of Christianity.

Never have Christian families been so challenged by the world around them to instill and instruct their children in the tenets of their faith. In today’s day and age, children and teens are surrounded on all sides by popular culture through incessant streams of social media on their cell phones, televisions, and computers. The constant presence of social media in your child’s daily life can influence and define their attitudes and behaviors. As parents and role models for the millennial generation, how do we overcome the moral relativism that saturates our culture to help our children put their faith into action and live out the values and virtues embodied in Jesus Christ? Marybeth Hicks shows Christian families how through “teachable moments.”

These teachable moments might be as simple as incorporating empathy and compassion in early friendships, or as complex as understanding the subtleties of our culture’s potentially destructive messages about human sexuality. They might present themselves in song lyrics, teacher’s comments, television shows, social media interactions, and current events. Teachable moments can emerge in parenting decisions, family relationships, school situations, and in opportunities for freedom and responsibility as our children engage with the world around them.

Through Teachable Moments Marybeth Hicks has created “a parent’s field guide to navigate a challenging culture” (Dr. Michele Borba). With entertaining and instructive questions and answers, this enriching handbook provides concrete examples of teachable moments that will ring true for you as you maximize opportunities to instill important life lessons into the everyday experiences of your children.

About The Author

Andrew Jenkins

Marybeth Hicks is a columnist and speaker and the author of three previous books on parenting and culture. Founder and editor of the blog,, she also writes a monthly family column for Catholic Digest magazine and is a regular contributor to EWTN radio. Formerly a columnist for The Washington Times, Marybeth is a frequent guest on national television and radio outlets to comment on issues that impact families and communities. She and her husband, Jim, are the parents of four children and make their home in Michigan.

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Raves and Reviews

“Marybeth Hicks understands that the character of our children ultimately will define the character of our society. We must focus on raising kids who are ethical, empathetic, and virtuous—children whose behavior reflects their excellent character. Teachable Moments encourages parents to use everyday experiences to reinforce the lessons they are teaching about the values and virtues that they want their children to exhibit. It’s a parent's field guide to navigate a challenging culture.” —Dr. Michele Borba

– Dr. Michele Borba

Yes! Another spectacular, must-have book on parenting from my friend Marybeth Hicks, who reminds us that the role of parents is one ordained by God to instill in our children the virtues and values and faith that will lead them to heaven. A seasoned mom of four young adults, Marybeth brings to bear her years in the parenting trenches but also a keen understanding of the cultural influences that challenge today's Christian parents. This is more than a book of parenting advice and suggestions; it's an encouragement to those of us who are committed to fulfilling our vocations as mothers and fathers. Get this book and start looking for teachable moments with your kids every day!

– Eric Metaxas, New York Times Bestselling author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy and Seven Men: And the Secret of their Greatness

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