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About The Book


Spring Integration in Action is a hands-on guide to Spring-based messaging and integration. After addressing the core messaging patterns, such as those used in transformation and routing, the book turns to the adapters that enable integration with external systems. Readers will explore real-world enterprise integration scenarios using JMS, Web Services, file systems, and email. They will also learn about Spring Integration's support for working with XML. The book concludes with a practical guide to advanced topics such as concurrency, performance, system-management, and monitoring.

The book features a foreword by Rod Johnson, Founder of the Spring Network.
About the Technology
Spring Integration extends the Spring Framework to support the patterns described in Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf's Enterprise Integration Patterns. Like the Spring Framework itself, it focuses on developer productivity, making it easier to build, test, and maintain enterprise integration solutions.
About the Book
Spring Integration in Action is an introduction and guide to enterprise integration and messaging using the Spring Integration framework. The book starts off by reviewing core messaging patterns, such as those used in transformation and routing. It then drills down into real-world enterprise integration scenarios using JMS, Web Services, filesystems, email, and more. You'll find an emphasis on testing, along with practical coverage of topics like concurrency, scheduling, system management, and monitoring.

This book is accessible to developers who know Java. Experience with Spring and EIP is helpful but not assumed.

Purchase of the print book comes with an offer of a free PDF, ePub, and Kindle eBook from Manning. Also available is all code from the book.
What's Inside
  • Realistic examples
  • Expert advice from Spring Integration creators
  • Detailed coverage of Spring Integration 2 features
About the Authors
Mark Fisher is the Spring Integration founder and project lead. Jonas Partner, Marius Bogoevici, and Iwein Fuld have all been project committers and are recognized experts on Spring and Spring Integration.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Spring Integration
  2. Enterprise integration fundamentals 24
  4. Messages and channels
  5. Message Endpoints
  6. Getting down to business
  7. Go beyond sequential processing: routing and filtering
  8. Splitting and aggregating messages
  10. Handling messages with XML payloads
  11. Spring Integration and the Java Message Service
  12. Email-based integration
  13. Filesystem integration
  14. Spring Integration and web services
  15. Chatting and tweeting
  17. Monitoring and management
  18. Managing scheduling and concurrency
  19. Batch applications and enterprise integration
  20. Scaling messaging applications with OSGi
  21. Testing

About The Authors

Iwein Fuld is a consultant at Xebia where he focuses on high-quality development and coaching teams. He's a jack-of-all-trades, but keeps coming back to server integrationproblems and algorithms. Iwein has been a committer on the Spring Integration project since early 2008. Apart from being an expert on TDD,concurrency, and messaging, Iwein especially enjoys building agile teams and lean startups.

Jonas Partner is CEO of Open Credo, a service partner of Neo Technology, and is an expert in solving complex data centric problems. He's also the coauthor of Spring Integration in Action.

Mark Fisher is the founder of the Spring Integration project. Currently at VMware, he continues to lead the development of Spring Integration while exploring the intersection of big data and messaging. He has been a committer on a number of Spring projects, including the Spring Framework itself and Spring AMQP, which he cofounded. Mark speaks regularly at conferences and user groups about messaging, data, integration, and cloud computing.

Marius Bogoevici is a Senior Software Engineer with Red Hat, leading the Spring integration efforts at JBoss. He's the lead for Snowdrop, a utility package for JBossspecific extensions to Spring, and also contributes to Weld, the JSR-299/CDI refere

Product Details

  • Publisher: Manning (September 18, 2012)
  • Length: 368 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781638353829

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