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Source Code Meditation

Hacking Evolution through Higher Brain Activation

Published by Findhorn Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

Learn to mobilize latent energy in your body and direct it to energize and awaken your higher brain

• Provides a simplified step-by-step guided process to the higher-brain activation techniques of Source Code Meditation

• Explains how to shift energy out of the lower “survive” brain into the higher “thrive” brain to bring confidence, clarity, and empowerment for transformative change in all areas of life

• Reveals how the “brain first” techniques of SCM tune the brain to receive meditation, enabling access to deep flow states, transcendent states of consciousness, and higher brain potential

The human brain is like a flowing river of potential. Until now, that river has been blocked, barricaded, and diverted by the primitive lower brain. The lower brain hijacks our ability to experience deeper flow and higher transcendent states of consciousness. It also guards against the full expression of the passionate human heart. Source Code Meditation (SCM), with its nine summits of transformation, effortlessly re-routes that lower brain diversion, allowing you to activate latent energy in your body, awaken your higher brain, enlighten your mind, and set your heart on fire to create a new world.

With traditional meditation techniques, it often takes decades of practice for hours each day to confer significant changes in the mind and the higher brain. Few of us make it to these rarified states of mind, due to the amount of time and the intensity of focus needed. With “brain first” SCM techniques, you mobilize latent energy in the body and direct it to energize and awaken the higher brain before meditation begins. With the higher brain prepped and tuned, meditation is efficiently received, leading to quantum breakthroughs in higher consciousness without years of practice as well as access to deep flow states, transcendent states of consciousness, and higher brain potential.

Providing a simplified step-by-step guided process to SCM, Dr. Michael Cotton explains how to shift energy out of the lower “survive” brain into the higher “thrive” brain to bring confidence, clarity, and empowerment for transformative change in all areas of life. Distilled from the world’s most comprehensive philosophy, Integral Metatheory, SCM offers not only a way to create the brain state necessary to change the mind, but the crystal clarity needed to use these advanced meditative states to actualize your potential and live your destiny to the fullest.


Chapter 1

The Source Code Mediation Base

Merging into subtle energy vortexes of the body and mobilizing subtle energy to the higher brain leads to automatic activated breath/prana flowing through the body as feedback, further awakening your higher brain. This feedback creates a prolonged shift into thrive physiology that can immediately be followed by meditation.

Due to the brain FIRST nature of SCM, and the harnessing of the power of the awakened brain, the amount of meditation required to produce profound effects is proportionally much less than with traditional meditation techniques. You will practice forming the meditation base for 2 weeks before introducing the meditation. Don’t underestimate the power of creating the meditation base alone. Profound stress dissipation, physical healings and dramatic awakenings in brain/mind can occur before you ever leverage this awakened brain response with meditation. After 2 weeks of practice you should not only be proficient at turning on the higher brain response (forming the meditation base) but also have started noticing changes in how you feel; less stress, more clarity etc.

I want you to experience SCM early in this book so that you can begin releasing stress, awakening your higher brain and accessing deeper states of consciousness. We are going to get started with the Source Code Meditation soon. The “why” behind the various components of the SCM technique will be articulated later but I did not want detailed explanation regarding the theory and mechanisms of SCM to hold you up from learning to shift your brain/mind right now. The “why” we do want we do will be articulated as we go, however I want to begin the “how” now.

You will begin by learning to activate two key contact points that are “subtle energy vortex’s (SEV),” in your body, an upper subtle energy vortex contact point at the top of the spine (base of the skull area) and a lower SEV contact point at the bottom of the spine (sacrum/coccyx area). As I will discuss in detail later, these two contact points have been known for millennia as key entryways into the subtle energy system of the human body. You will use your touch, breath, and intention to merge into these SEV contact points and awaken dormant energy that will flow to your higher brain and activate an automated feedback response of breath/prana tuning your brain to receive advanced meditation!

The act of “merging” into the upper and lower SEV contact points is the key to mastering the Source Code Meditation Base (the higher brain state precursor to the actual meditation). What I call merging occurs as touch, breath and intention all converge on the contact point and enter into the SEV in a very specific way. When this merge into the SEV is experienced it feels as though your touch, breath and intention have become one with the SEV. In other words, as you enter the SEV there is a precise moment that occurs in which you can not tell where your physical touch ends and the vortex within your body begins. This merging or suspending sensation leads to the inability to feel the specific localized point that you are merging into, there is a sense of infinity rather than a localized point in space-time. The merge feels multidimensional and experienced outside of usual space-time boundaries. The subtle energy that will travel to your higher brain mobilizes out of this state. As your touch, breath and intention enter the SEV and create the merge, a release of subtle energy traverses through pathways to your higher brain.

The proper and consistent ability to create this merge and thus mobilize subtle energy to you brain, will take some practice to master. The time and energy invested into becoming proficient at establishing the Source Code Meditation Base is an investment into the ‘base’ of your new enlightened life.

According to the science of dynamical systems, small positive fluctuations in a chaotic system in the right place and at the right time can catalyze the entire system moving to higher order. Through the mobilization of this subtle energy a “pattern interrupt” occurs in the human body/mind as this subtle energy moves to your higher brain and creates a feedback mechanism of activated breath/prana flowing through you and facilitating your emergence to a “higher order.” This “pattern interrupt” provides an opening that will be leveraged through SCM and the 9 Summits of Transformation to create new higher levels of organization in body, mind and spirit.

The active breath/prana may feel subtle in you at first, a slight change in breathing, twitching sensations or a mild current of energy, trust the process… bigger is not better. As you become proficient merging into your own subtle energy vortexes you will feel this active breath/prana flowing in you to your higher brain. When active breath/prana fully engages it can feel like something is breathing you… new breath patterns and energy flows arise spontaneously. This experience of automated breathing and waves of energy can be stopped by you by merely changing position and willing it to stop. However the freeing and liberating experience, even if unusual and without past reference, feels natural, deeply rejuvenating and like you have found home. In subsequent chapters you will learn a lot more about these emergent responses and feedback mechanisms, including our research on the impact on higher brain functioning studied at the Source Code Meditation World Headquarters in Chicago, IL.

As you perform and practice this sacred work you are going to witness miracles that are new to you. You will feel as though what you are doing is magic. I assure you it is not. Do not let this go to your head. You are a vehicle, a conduit for a power that is bigger than you, or me, or any of us. You are setting loose the impulse that contains the power and wisdom of life itself. This process deserves reverence. We are on hallowed ground. Lets learn the process now…

About The Author

Dr. Michael Cotton, D.C., is a leading theorist in the evolution of consciousness, culture, and the brain. The creator of the Higher Brain Living technique with more than 30 years’ experience in personal and cultural transformation, he holds a doctorate in Chiropractic. He lives in Wisconsin.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Findhorn Press (May 22, 2018)
  • Length: 240 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781844097470

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Raves and Reviews

“What a blessing it has been to have experienced Dr. Michael Cotton’s work through Higher Brain Living and Source Code Meditation. These methods for energizing the higher brain structures and getting out of lower brain stress and overwhelm have changed my inner and outer experiences of life dramatically. My interest in these methods has been for spiritual development. I don’t know of anything else on the planet that can create such momentum, peace, presence, intuition, and shifting into more expansive levels of being. Source Code Meditation takes us to new levels of expression in purpose, meaning, connection, love, bliss, and freedom!”

– REV. DR. RACHEL WETZSTEON, minister, REV with Rachel podcast host

“Dr. Michael Cotton is a visionary genius who has conceived, authored, and administers this life-changing process. Although it’s complicated and based on undisputable scientific research, Dr. Cotton simplifies the concepts so as to be accessible to students of any level. What he teaches works. He is changing my life and many others. He is at the cutting edge of something huge, and early participants will be foundational as this explodes worldwide.”

– DAN HOSTETLER, executive director of Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center

“I have waited all my life for a program that pulls together centuries of random hints that there is more to this life that is yet to be discovered. It was never OK that I seemed to only have access to 10% of my brain. Through this Source Code Meditation program I am experiencing exponential growth in my creativity as a musician and dancer as well as feeling more and more connected to my social circles and the world as a whole.”

– CHRISTINE SOTMARY, MS, LAc, NC, CPC, director of Gonna’ Dance Forever Acupuncture

“For many years I suffered through debilitating depression and anxiety even though I took prescription medication and received counseling. I was apathetic about life and did just enough to get by. Today I surprise myself because I look out the window and marvel at how beautiful everything is. People, friends and strangers alike, simply appear as beautiful. I feel wonder and awe and gratitude on a daily basis, no special effort or occasion required. Life still has its challenges, but I am able to purposefully navigate through with greater ease anchored in the knowing of who I am. Source Code Meditation has given me a practice I look forward to and can use at any time, even standing in line at the grocery store. I am no longer running from the past. I am living fully in the present, drawn by a sparkling future. I’m happy to be alive and living my life.”


“As a scientist (quantum physicist) and seeker, I’ve been looking for something that really works for decades, something that can leverage both science and spirituality, that offers the real possibility of creating massive personal and social change, the possibility of a heaven on earth, and not a spiritual bypass. I found it. My experiences of this technology have been deeply profound and even miraculous – and yet I can understand the experiences scientifically. As a provider of this work, my own clients report similar profound and real change in their lives. The creator of this work, Dr. Michael Cotton, is a genius and a masterful teacher of this revolutionary work. Real evolutionary change doesn’t get any easier than this.”

– STEVEN GIRON, Ph.D., certified master facilitator of Higher Brain Living

“I have been on a spiritual path most of my life. I have done many different modalities and techniques to advance and heal. Source Code Meditation takes growth and healing to a whole new level. I look and feel about life in a more peaceful and blissful way. Shifts in my consciousness happen quickly and completely. I generally handle life situations better than I ever have. I love that I can witness my life more clearly and therefore avoid the need to react to situations. I will continue this program long after it is complete. I highly recommend it to anyone ready to experience Heaven on Earth.”

– CATHI HAMPSON, certified hypnotherapist, Zenith Energy Master

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