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So Perilous, My Love

As Crimson Romance celebrates its first anniversary, we honor those pioneers who helped shape the direction of romance novels for all of us. Suspense, mystery, paranormal activity and love - always love - have been the cornerstone of the genre since the early 1970s. Now we have updated the covers to these classics - but not the words - and reissued these timeless reads to let you relive the thrill of discovering a world of romance all over again.

Forced by her father’s untimely death to make a living as a barmaid in the London slums, Becky Lee vowed that she’d find a better life for her and her sister by fair means or foul.

Passionate yet calculating, Becky managed to seduce wealthy ship-builder Mark Gregg, and later to marry him, over the objections of his family.

Despite her newfound security, Becky’s voluptuous nature cried out for the sensual fulfillment her husband could not provide. Recklessly she plunged into an affair that was to sweep her along on a dangerous tide of treachery, deceit, and lust!

Sensuality Level: Sensual

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