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Jennifer by Moonlight

As Crimson Romance celebrates its first anniversary, we honor those pioneers who helped shape the direction of romance novels for all of us. Suspense, mystery, paranormal activity and love - always love - have been the cornerstone of the genre since the early 1970s. Now we have updated the covers to these classics - but not the words - and reissued these timeless reads to let you relive the thrill of discovering a world of romance all over again.

Lucy Dorset came to Moorgate as the happy bride of a dedicated young doctor. But she soon discovered that the old stone house was inhabited by a pale and lovely ghost, a victim of a fatal romantic triangle long ago. Was she imagining her husband’s sudden jealous moods? And a rival for his affections in sultry Sheila Farley? Lucy feared that the unhappy spirits of Moorgate were pushing her toward a reenactment of a violent, century-old tragedy. She realized that she alone must rid the house of the menacing presence that threatened her marriage.

Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

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