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Real Stories of Pain, Truth, and Triumph

Compiled by Marilynn Griffith

About The Book

Bunny Debarge, Sharon Ewell Foster, Claudia Mair Burney, and other women share their stories of abuse, betrayal, rape, abortion, and abandonment, giving readers permission to be honest about their own pain. The miracle of telling the truth allows the curtain of humiliation to be pulled back and expose secrets, breaking the power shame has over women. As readers come to understand the restoration and healing that happened when the contributors came to God and the truth, they will find their own courage and hope in the God of second chances. Sistah —a word often used to describe women of color—is used in this book to move beyond the boundaries of race, class, and faith to bring women of all colors together. .

With true stories from more than twenty women, SistahFaith also includes original poems, fill-in-the-blank Bible study, reflection questions, prayers of proclamation, and scripture. In these pages, women will discover new friends—women who aren’t afraid to be seen at their worst and who believe that true sistahs will still see the best in them. .

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