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Sinopticon: A Celebration of Chinese Science Fiction

A stunning new collection of the best of modern Chinese science fiction, translated into English for the very first time. 

This celebration of Chinese Science Fiction thirteen stories - all translated for the first time into English - represents a unique exploration of the nation's speculative fiction from the late 20th Century onwards, curated and translated by critically acclaimed writer and essayist Xueting Christine Ni.

From the renowned Jiang Bo's 'Starship: Library' to Regina Kanyu Wang's 'The Tide of Moon City', and Anna Wu's 'Meisje met de Parel', this is a collection for all fans of great fiction.

Award winners, bestsellers, screenwriters, playwrights, philosophers, university lecturers and computer programmers, these thirteen writers represent the breadth of Chinese SF, from new to old: Gu ShiHan SongHao JingfangNian YuWang JinkangZhao HaihongTang FeiMa BoyongAnna WuA QueBao ShuRegina Kanyu Wang and Jiang Bo.

"I have yet to be as pleased or as excited as I am at the opportunity to join in the celebration of Xueting Christine Ni's debut, From Kuan Yin to Chairman Mao. … Edifying, scholarly, and yet a sparkling, mesmerizing read, From Kuan Yin to Chairman Mao is a personal favorite in my library." 

– Benebell Wen, author of The Tao of Craft: Fu Talismans and Casting Sigils in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition

"From Kuan Yin to Chairman Mao is a must-read book for anyone who is interested in China. Xueting Christine Ni has woven history, society, religion, beliefs and most importantly a perspective into the Chinese mind set. A fascinating book that gives all of us a better understanding of today's China." 

– Ken Hom, OBE, chef, author, and BBC presenter

“Constantly fascinating, always surprising and immensely helpful, this is the book many travelers, occultists and pilgrims have been waiting for." 

– Walter Mason, author of Destination Saigon and Destination Cambodia on ‘From Kuan Yin to Chairman Mao’

"Xueting Christine Ni has created some enthralling profiles of China's sprawling cast of deities, from their mythical origins to their manifestations in 21st century pop culture. If you want to learn about China's rambunctious spiritual life, From Kuan Yin to Chairman Mao is a first-class guide." 

– Ben Chu, Economics Editor of The Independent and author of Chinese Whispers

"Xueting Christine Ni has accomplished what very few have done for the common English-speaking audience, providing enough depth to provide insight and deep understanding into the gods, but not so much that the information is bogged down amidst potentially conflicting legends. Moreover, she is not afraid to present information that is controversial, that would create heated friction between Chinese people themselves. From Kuan Yin to Chairman Mao is perhaps the best book for unfamiliar readers to begin gaining familiarity with the spiritual complexities of the Chinese gods." 

– David Borji Shi, author of North Asian Magic: Spellcraft from Manchuria, Mongolia, and Siberia