Sexton Blake and the Great War (Sexton Blake Library Book 1)

Edited by Mark Hodder
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About The Book

As brilliant as Sherlock Holmes. As daring as James Bond. Sexton Blake, the adventuring detective, is back! This first volume of a new series reinstates one of literatures greatest detectives - back in print for the first time in decades! 

For nearly a century, Sexton Blake was the most written about character in British fiction. He starred in approximately four thousand stories by nearly two hundred authors. A cross between Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones, he was a publishing phenomenon, read by young and old alike.

This collection is comprised of three stories from UNION JACK magazine dating from World War 1 and the lead up to it:

THE CASE OF THE NAVAL MANOEUVRES by Norman Goddard (1908).

Sexton Blake catches the Kaiser spying on British naval manoeuvres, dangles from a Zeppelin, impersonates a German soldier, fights the Kaiser on top of a train, is thrown into the Thames by Anarchists, and forces the German Emperor into a confrontation with the British Prime Minister.

ON WAR SERVICE by Cecil Hayter (1916).

Sexton Blake ventures into occupied Holland to deliver a vital despatch to a secret agent, fights enemy spies, escapes from a burning house, is pursued by the German cavalry, disguises himself as a simple labourer, captures and impersonates enemy agents, faces a firing squad, and makes a daring escape through a secret tunnel.

PRIVATE TINKER — A.S.C. by William Murray Graydon (1915).

Tinker makes a mistake, joins up under an assumed name, is sent to the front line, evades enemy troops, and is blown up. Blake enters a battle zone and gets shot. Tinker flies a reconnaissance mission, crash-lands behind enemy lines, causes an enemy supply train to crash into a German troop carrier, liberates French prisoners, rescues a colonel, foils attempted sabotage, and is declared a hero.

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  • Publisher: Rebellion (February 2020)
  • Length: 430 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781781087824

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Raves and Reviews

“Delighted to see Sexton Blake still going strong - and with such aplomb!” 

– Agatha Christie

“The Sexton Blake Saga is the nearest approach to a national folk-lore”

– Dorothy L Sayers

“The Healthy Hero who shows Bond the way!”

– Robert Pitman, Sunday Express

“Sexton Blake is the personification of the perfect detective who matches brain against brain and, where necessary, dexterity against brawn.”

– Ex Detective Superintendant John Gosling, formerly Chief of Scotland Yard’s Ghost Squad

“It was Sexton Blake, this intrepid hero, who first fired my imagination to become a detective.” 

– Ex Chief Superintendant Cherrill, CID.

“I hope The Saint is as full of life as Sexton Blake when he reaches the same staggering total of successfully concluded crime cases.”

– Leslie Charters

“The greatest detective of them all!”

– Daily Mail

“One of the best-known Englishmen in the world.” 

– Sunday Express

“After more than seventy years of continuous publication, Sexton Blake is still the doyen of detectives.” 

– Daily Telegraph

“Sales of Sexton Blake stories have exceeded 500 million copies.”

– Daily Mail